Your company has announced that they’d be implementing a split-team operations and you’re one of the lucky ones who have been bestowed the privilege to work on your bed at home.

Since you’re practically not leaving the house, that should naturally result in more savings now that you don’t have to fork out money for transport and lunch… right? Wrong.

Working from home comes with a lot of hidden costs.

You are not just saving $12 on a fast-casual sandwich—you are also buying extra groceries so you can make lunch at home.

You are consuming more electricity and water while you are working from home. Heading to the library or café to enjoy free air-con is not an option since you have been ordered to work from home to minimise contact with people.

But before you write in a complaint letter to HR to demand that you be assigned to work in the office, try these seven ways to reduce your personal costs.

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Images: Unsplash
Text: Sheila Chiang