If you haven’t watched The Story of Yanxi Palace and think that it’s yet another palace drama full of scheming women trying to find favour with the Emperor, well, you are not wrong. However, one of the reasons why this drama is so popular is because of the main protagonist Wei Yingluo. She’s quick-witted, resilient and never backs down in the face of adversity – and this makes watching her rise from a lowly palace maid to the top of the imperial harem so satisfying.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the palace environment with its colourful cast of characters and copious amount of palace politics has some parallels with a modern-day office environment. If you have just entered the workforce and find it difficult to navigate through office politics, here are six lessons from The Story of Yanxi Palace that we think may help you.

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Watch The Story of Yanxi Palace on Hub Drama First, StarHub TV Channel 860, available in Cantonese and Mandarin with English subtitles.

Image: StarHub
Text: Valerie Toh