Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing constant is change.” And change is good – most of the time. After all, some can be life-changing (pun intended). If you haven’t already read about how the CLEO Change Makers are making changes in their own ways, be sure to read their individual profiles.

While you can’t be another Germaine Monteiro or Rebekah Lin overnight, you can start by making these small changes to your life.

  1. Beautify yourself in 15 minutes
    So you’ve slept in… Darn! Calm down. Shower, but don’t wash your hair – that’s why dry shampoo was invented. Then, make-up artist Nigel Stanislaus says it comes down to three lifesavers: BB cream, mascara, and lipstick. “Use BB cream to even out skin tone, use mascara on the top and bottom lashes and use a strong lip colour to update your look instantly,” he says.

  2. Prep for a big meeting
    “If you’re running the session, have a clear objective in mind, a structured agenda, and a list of key priorities,” says career expert Suzie Plush. “Have three key messages you want people to remember.” If you’re attending a meeting, Suzie says, “Make sure you know the purpose of the meeting or presentation. Ask for a meeting agenda or additional info to assist in your planning.”

  3. Get ready for guests
    Got people coming over but your inner Nigella’s gone on strike? Interior stylist Shaynna Blaze says, “The night before do a quick vacuum, dust and wipe surfaces, and make sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper and hand soap. Make sure you have either bought all the food or write a shopping list/menu so you aren’t flustered. Also, cute cane baskets are your best friend – run around the night before and pop as much excess clutter in them to hide away if you are time-poor.”

  4. Run important (but tedious) errands
    Professional organiser Peter Walsh (Oprah has him on speed dial) advises, “Make a list of your errands in order of priority, and then group them by location so that you can get the most done in the shortest amount of time. If at all possible, choose a certain day of the week for running errands. This will greatly improve your efficiency. Stay focused and stick to your list.”

  5. Sort out those annoying customer service issues
    Pick your time. Fiona Adler, co-founder of customer review site Word of Mouth Online, says, “For phone support, daytime hours can often result in a better outcome as you’ll get more experienced staff answering the phone. For health services, try to make appointments as early in the day as possible – this way they’re much less likely to be running late. For retail, if you can, avoid weekends and lunch hours. Instead, go mid-week when they’re less rushed and have more experienced staff working.”

Image: Pixabay
Text: Tania Gomez
Additional text: Hidayah Idris

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