Kelly Wong, 28, Founder of Wong Kee Wanton Noodles

“For me, the 20s is a good time to take risk. It’s a good time to try new things because you probably don’t have a lot of liabilities.

Before striking out on my own, I was in banking. I was really tired of working in an office and wanted to achieve more. It also hit me that my dad was getting older, and it’d be a waste if nobody picked up his great cooking skills as a hawker. I decided to get him to teach me, it helped that I inherited a passion of cooking from him as well.

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Beacuse rainy days means comfort food like this! Near timbre+ but rain's Too heavy and inconvenient to walk down? You might be in luck!!if you are walking distance from us u might be able to have them sent to your office with no delivery charges at all!!Call/SMS 96534819 now!! Thank you for your constant support Sihan!It's been awhile!hope to see you again soon!Repost from @fundamentally_flawed Early dinner at @WongKeeWantonNoodle before retiring back home to nurse some sort of nasty viral infection that I've caught over the weekend Thank goodness for this plate of remedial fare – Beef brisket Tomato noodles and all tt jazz stemming from the wonderful bits and bobs that reside at the bottom of the braising pot #whati8today #wongkeewantonnoodle #jiaklocal #supportlocal #sgfoodporn #eatoutsg #burpple #hungrygowhere #sipandgulp #wantonnoodle #8dayseat #vscofood #timbreplus

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Before I made the switch, I had to mentally list the pros and cons and ask myself if I could handle what’s to come. Being my own boss means relying on my own discipline and diligence to get work done. It also requires a lot more time than an office job, but I was still committed to doing it, despite knowing this.

There were a lot of things that happened after I made the switch that I didn’t expect, or were worse than I’d imagined. Manpower was way harder to deal with than I thought, and business can be unpredictable. Factors such as location, parking, weather and school holidays all play a part in whether or not a business does well. It’s been more stressful than I thought it’d be.

When there was a change in infrastructure in my previous location, my business was affected and I had to close shop because we stopped making money.

But you know, you don’t just fall and never get up, and I shifted to Timbre+ to keep going. My mom always tells me to never take failure as failure–its just a learning path. I believe that as long as I continue on working towards my goal of running a successful business, I’ll achieve it. I’ve now been doing it for about five years.

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Many have ordered our noodles this year!Soo..I've gotten our masterchef to do a home cooking video for you guys!cooking these noodles at home is even faster then instant noodles!i swear! Tips for cooking these noodles ;🍜 1.Ensure you loosen the noodles 2.You need a lot of clean water.Ensure water is boiling before cooking 3.Use your chopsticks to seperate the noodles 4.Drain the water from noodles 5.Drizzle oil on the noodles! They are cooked to al dente in about +/- 20secs. To complete ur simple meal,just add a little soup base,light sauce,Seaseme oil & add any ingredients u deem fit for the noodles!We just added chicken drumstick & vegetables! #eggnoodles #8dayseats #wongkee #howto #homecooked #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodporn #foodsg #GavisconSG #CNYHoChiak #WongKeeNoodle #nofilter

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The hawker industry is pretty male-dominate, and that can be tough. But it also just makes me want to prove myself. Sometimes, my team will tell me that I’m like a man. I act and speak like one, and my working style is also quite masculine. I suppose I got these traits from my dad. However, to me, if the guys can do it, I don’t see why women cannot. In this trade, if we don’t carry the heavy goods and don’t do the dirty work, no one else will do it for us.

I never thought that people would ask me to share my story, but people have also told me that I inspire them and that really makes a difference to me. When I first entered the industry, my dad told me that it’ll just all be uncles and aunties and I’ll have no friends. I said ‘It’s OK, it doesn’t matter,’ because I already have enough friends and I don’t think you need a lot to get through life. But I actually met a lot more people than I could have imagined, whether from the media or food industry, and got to enjoy a lot more experiences.”

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