The Great CNY Clapback Guide: How To Survive Reunion Dinner With Nosy Relatives


Depending on how much you genuinely enjoy the company of your family, Chinese New Year can be great. Like, I-can’t-believe-I-finally-have-an-excuse-to-buy-new-clothes great. But unlike the CNY-centric commercials about happy reunions you always see on television, IRL, there will always be that one annoying relative who spoils your day.

You know, an aunty who is more concerned with your dating life than her daughter’s, an uncle who behaves like he lives in an era where women still bind their feet or a cousin who likes to #flex even when no one asked.

Does the idea of meeting them stress you out? Dr Grace Huang, a resident doctor at DTAP Clinic Robertson, says it’s important to take care of yourself before you meet them. “Stress can be compounded. Even if it feels difficult, try to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep the night before. Squeeze in some exercise before or even in between visiting relatives and friends. And even if those snacks or alcohol seem seductively displayed on the table at every family you visit, you may want to step back a little and snack just a little, because excessive snacking or drinking can put more stress on your body, and you will feel even worse after.”

Slept like a baby but the incessant questions are still stressing you out? Dr Huang suggests taking a break from the interaction. “Your sanity and happiness come first! Excuse yourself momentarily, be it to get some water, or to go to the washroom. Take a breather for five minutes or more, to collect your thoughts before you rejoin the conversation. You can also join another conversation, if the group is large enough.”

Of course, while some of us are non-confrontational, Leos would agree that you gotta stand up for what’s right. Which is why we’ve prepared some clapbacks for the greater good aka finally getting them to shut up. You’re welcome.

PS: We don’t guarantee that relationships won’t be ruined. Please censor accordingly.

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