Get the ultimate in nail care with this treatment kit from Nail Palace. To keep your nails healthy while you paint them, use the Fast² Dry Top Coat and Guard+ Base Coat, which also protect them from damage. You can also use the Perfect 10 Cuticle Oil, which keeps your cuticles hydrated and nails strong, and Flawless Cuticle Softener, which gently soothes tough and dry cuticles, for overall nail health. Use them all together and never have a bad nail day again.

nail palace nail treatments
Nail Palace Nail Treatment Kit, $152 before GST (each product can also be purchased separately)

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nail palace nail treatments
Nail Palace AntiX Purifying Solution, $68 before GST

Keep your nails healthy and strong with a powerful combination of antibacterial tea tree oil and lavender, which not only soothes but also has antifungal properties. Just brush this solution on twice a day for at least four weeks and watch your nails grow faster and stronger.