Want an all-in-one health beverage that not only strengthens your immunity, but keeps your gut and skin happy too? Try the 100 percent natural Asmara Ashta Berries 8. It contains eight antioxidant-rich berries including organic acai berry (which has antioxidant and cardio-protective properties), organic maqui berry (that fights against UV-induced skin damage) and organic camu-camu berry (which strengthens the immune system and promotes good skin).

It’s also packed with prebiotic corn fibre, which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Here’s to drinking to good health.

Asmara Ashta Berries 8, $5.50

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Asmara Asana 6, $6

Overstretched at work? Asmara Asana 6 not only aids skin and digestive health, but also helps to improve your mood and bring down stress levels. It contains a blend of six ingredients, including organic winter cherry (which promotes stress relief), organic lavender (which has a calming effect and boosts appetite and mood), French rose (which enhances skin radiance) and prebiotic corn fibre (which supports good gut bacteria).