Let’s face it. Looking fabulous all the time is not easy. You’ve got to invest a lot of time and effort to learn and apply your beauty know-how in your daily lives. And that’s not inclusive of the money spent on products! Even with all that investment, we sometimes still experience disastrous makeup days that make us want to remain cooped up at home instead. But fret not, here are a few tricks that will simplify your beauty routine.

  1. Double up your makeup products as primer
    Most eyeshadow colours found in makeup palettes are not true – they change upon application. To get a more pigmented colour, use a white or nude eye shadow (pencil liners work too) as a base or primer before applying your desired colour. You can also use this trick on your lips. Apply a thin layer of foundation or nude lip liner to conceal your natural lip colour before applying your lipstick. However, this can dry your lips out so do keep them moisturised with a lip balm.
  2. Spoons are your best friends
    If you’re a beginner in makeup, a spoon can make makeup application 10,000 times easier. One way it can help is during mascara application. Hold the spoon under your lashes when putting on mascara to prevent smudges. Besides that, you can also use it to create the winged effect using your eyeliner. Place the handle of the spoon at the corner of your eye and draw a straight line. Then, use the rounded edge of the spoon to draw a curve and fill in the area. You can even use the rounded part of the spoon to achieve a perfect eyebrow arch. Just trace the edge and fill in your brows as you move along.
  3. Saving your makeup
    Once or twice, you might have broken your lipstick, cracked your compact foundation or dried up your mascara because you forgot to cap it properly. Instead of buying a replacement, here’s how you can save your products and money. For a shattered powdered products like eyeshadow, blusher or foundation, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken pieces and leave it to soak. Use your finger to press it down and smooth it out and it’ll be good as new. To salvage your dried mascara, simply add some saline solution into the tube. Of course, it’s only safe to do this if the product hasn’t expired yet. In the case of a broken lipstick, place the pieces in a metal spoon and melt it over a candle or small flame. Then pour it into a container and let it cool in the freezer.

My favourite Za product is… the Vibrant Moist Lipstick. My lips are usually very dry so I have to apply some lip balm throughout the day. With the Vibrant Moist Lipstick, I can happily skip that step since the moisture stays on for hours and the colour remains bright throughout the day.

Text: Arina Rafiyah
Images: Za, Arina Rafiyah

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