Keeping up with the trends is tough, but finding trends that work for you is tougher. You have to strike a balance between being open to exploring different styles and stickingto what you’re most confident and comfortable in. Confused? Here are a few tips that will help!

  1. Show the right amount of skin
    Don’t show too much skin. You can show off your legs, probably a tasteful amount of cleavage and midriff, but avoid doing everything at one go. If you reveal too much, you’re leave nothing to the imagination and migt even attract the wrong kind of attention. Go forsheer and mesh materials if you’re not too comfortable with showing your bare skin.
  2. Invest in the basics
    Before you start going crazy with prints, bright colours and patterns, always ensure that you have the basics in the wardrobe. I’m talking about your standard plain white tees, denim jeans and nude pumps. These help to tone down the outfit (you wouldn’t want to look like a clown), but also match pretty much everything and suit any occasion!
  3. Age with style
    Age is just a number, so you shouldn’t let it dictate your fashion style. Of course, we’re not saying you should be using frilly dresses when you’re 30, but just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean you have to dress down. Go for outfits that complement your body type and flaunt your assets. Continue to rock those body-con dresses and bright coloured tops as long as you have the confidence.

Text: Arina Rafiyah
Image: T-Mac Photography

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