Fashion shouldn’t be complicated. All you need to do is understand your style and body.

  1. Accessorise humbly, but strategically

    I am definitely a fan of bling, but as much as I’m tempted to deck myself up like a Christmas tree at times, stacking accessories up blindly just won’t get me the right attention. So I would pair plain tops with statement necklaces and simple earrings or bracelets, and vice versa. If I’m already wearing a complicated design with a lot of details, I will usually skip the accessories.
  2. Choose pieces that flatter your frame

    I have a natural inclination towards apparels that complement my petite frame. I don’t think I look good in jeans, so you can hardly spot me in them. But florals, prints, maxis, rompers, jackets definitely work on me and I feel really comfortable in them. That pretty sums up feeling great and looking the part, too.
  3. Bad hair day? Tie it up or wear a hat!

    We don’t wake up every single day with amazing Amanda-Seyfried-tresses, so when I just can’t tame my hair no matter how I style it, I stop trying and take a different approach instead. Give it a quick braid or ponytail, or wear a nice matching hat and I’m ready to face the world!

Text: Melissa Jane Ho

Melissa Jane Ho is a CLEO It Girl finalist. To vote for Melissa, click here.