For some, fashion is something that flows in their blood. It is innate and comes to them naturally. They can pull off anything they find in their wardrobe with such finesse that you might think they graduated with a PhD in Fashion Studies. Unfortunately, some of us just can’t nail that thing called fashion. But all’s not lost. All you got to do is just follow a few simple rules. Here are three fashion tips that I swear by that I’m sure will please even the fashion police.

1. Accessorise

Accessories are the small things that make a huge difference to your outfit. It could be as simple as using a belt to cinch your waist and show off your figure, or putting on shades on your head to jazz up an outfit. I personally love hair or head accessories, like hats, shades, or flowers.

2. Throw on a jacket

Jackets, blazers and vests are like the best fashion investments. They make anyone and anything look done up even if they are really not. They are wonderful for helping you transform a day look into a night look.

3. Wear shoes that match

You might think this is a given, but you’ll be surprised at how many well-dressed people I’ve spotted on the streets who look like they are party-ready – until you look at their feet and spot a pair of flip flops or slippers. (Unless the party is at the beach.) Footwear is an understated fashion accessory because everyone notices it even if you think no one is.

Text: Shona Woo

Shona Woo is a CLEO It Girl finalist. To vote for Shona, cilck here.