Friendships come and go. It’s funny how people can start from being strangers to having their own clique and eventually calling someone your “brother” or “sister” despite them having no blood relations to you. Now these are the kind of relationships that requires commitment, be it conversing to catch up on what you have been up to or simply doing fun activities and celebrating events together. People may grow apart as time goes by but the ones that stay are the ones that you should treasure.  Here are a few qualities that will help you distinguish your best friend from your acquaintances.

  1. Someone you can rely on
    In case of emergencies, like when you just had a fight with your boyfriend or when your heels suddenly broke on the way to work, the ones that are there to help you through your crisis, no matter how major or minor, would make a good BFF. A friend that rushes to your aid and not judge you in whatever situation you may be in is a keeper, because in the end, they are there because you are important to them and know that you would do the same for them as well.

  2. Accepting you for who you are
    You may not always have similar interests. If you do, consider yourself lucky that you can do something you both love together. If you don’t, look out for those that accept your all flaws, your personality and even your weird hobbies. You’ll find that the friends that are there to accompany me and support me in what you do can be called your true friends.

  3. Loyal and committed to the relationship
    In every friendship, there is bound to be a fight that may happen due to a disagreement or conflict. However, the ones that respect you for your opinions, understands you, learns to forgive and makes an effort to amend the relationship are the loyal friends that can be considered your BFFs. After all, a friend who doesn’t accept you and continue to be spiteful towards you over a fight, regardless of the reason, is someone not worth keeping in your life.

Text and image: Arina Rafiyah

Arina Rafiyah is a CLEO It Girl finalist. To vote for Arina, click here.