Jean de La Fontaine once said “Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.”

Friends are everywhere, close friends are hard to find but a BFF is rare gem that only a lucky few would meet. As with all relationships, a true friendship should never be taken for granted and will always require effort from both parties. So what makes a good BFF? Well, there’s my take on it.

  1. Most people with BFFs should be able to identify with this: BFFs might not spend a lot of time together, but every second spent with each other is gold. As we grow older and shoulder more responsibilities and commitments, 24 hours in a day is never enough. Of course, BFFs do not need to be by each other’s side 24/7, but when they hang out, they should be giving their undivided attention to each other. This means minimal phone usage, texting, scrolling through social media feeds (unless both of you are doing it together and checking out the latest most Instagrammable desserts and cakes).

  2. BFFs don’t judge. A BFF accepts you for who you are and appreciates you as a person. He/she doesn’t need to fully agree with your ideas, thoughts and beliefs, but respects and accepts the differences that exist between the two of you. He/she always tries to put himself/herself in your shoes and never tries to change you into someone he/she prefers.

  3. BFFs are honest with each other. Some are even brutally honest. A good BFF wants only the best for you and would always be upfront and open. But that doesn’t mean you have to embarrass each other by pointing out each other’s flaws and shortcomings in public. A good BFF will find a good time and place to talk and let each other know (in a tactful way) their honest opinions about things that they may disagree about. Even if a debate or argument ensues, true BFFs always make up with each other and also assure each other that they will always have their backs.

Text and image: Shona Woo

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