There’s nothing wrong with consulting the stars every once in awhile. In this series, CLEO staffers turn to expert divination readers to find out what the universe may have in store for us. For the first installment, associate editor Karen consults Master Goh from Way Fengshui.

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My family are big believers of feng shui – or at least in doing what’s necessary to ensure a good year and going as far as buying the occasional crystal ball. We’ve been getting feng shui readings for at least the past 10 years. I suspect my mum credits feng shui with getting me married…


The reading

When I visited Master Goh, I was expecting it to go along the lines of “Roosters in the Year of the Dog will experience [insert fate here]”. Instead, I learned from Master Goh that feng shui is almost like a personality reading, which helps you to understand yourself so you can better handle whatever life throws at you. A class in celestial self-awareness, if you will.

I learned that as a Metal Rooster born at 7.04pm on November 28, I have strong Fire and Earth elements. These make me a bit of a perfectionist, but also quite introspective.

Master Goh explained it means I work hard to get things done right, but also that I can be quite indecisive (he also said this quality will make the Year of the Dog a bad time for me to make investments).

He also said the Year of the Earth Dog would affect my digestive system, so I have to be more careful with what I eat. He also recommended I do more push-ups (which, let’s be honest, would be good no matter what year it is).

The aftermath

Personally, I like his method of helping you understand yourself better. He explained that through greater awareness of your Ba Zi (birth profile), you should be able to take the necessary steps to make any year a better one for you.

To be honest, I already knew some of the stuff he said about me, but to have someone say it out loud made it more meaningful, and made me more conscious of things I should watch out for in 2018.

As for the accuracy of his readings, I did get hit with some bad digestive issues this year, a couple of months after our consultation. He’s also told me to avoid red meat, and I found that when I did, my stomach definitely felt better.

A 30-minute life analysis session is $308.16. Way Fengshui is at #02-11, Fu Lu Shou Complex. For more information, visit

Image: Taylor