CLEO Tries: I Went For An Aura Reading To See If I Should Change Jobs


There’s nothing wrong with consulting the stars every once in awhile. In this series, CLEO staffers turn to expert divination readers to find out what the universe may have in store for us. This time, we got senior digital writer Hidayah to get an aura reading from Selina Seah from The Aura Chakra Company.

I’ve never been a believer of tarot cards and all that jazz (though ironically, I wear crystals) so I chose to go for a reading that was least likely to tell me I would die the next day: aura reading.

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The Reading

Selina had me stand in front of a webcam while a special software helped to calibrate my aura. She told me that an aura reading is, in fact, nothing more than our energy blueprint. According to the software, I’m a Violet – a combination of red and blue. She congratulated me and said a lot of CEOs have this colour, and a part of me wondered why I am still a writer.

But later, she said that my chakra indicates I’m in the right profession because I have a strong throat chakra – which means I’m good at communicating. She added that if I ever wanted a career change, I can consider being an aura reader like her, as I also have a white aura, which makes me suitable for the healing arts.

The Aftermath

Selina could tell I tend to suppress my feelings (while I don’t hold back my anger, I bottle up feelings of sadness) and told me that could be the reason for my chest pains… which I hadn’t told her about. Her advice? To meditate or go for a facial because it would help me “switch off”.

“Suppression is not management,” she said, adding, “Whatever you suppress will come out tenfold.” She also mentioned that my red chakra is big but pixelated, which means while I’m hardworking and believe that one should work for rewards, I can do better if I’m more focused. My orange chakra is also pixelated, which suggests I’m running on reserves.

The reading from my solar plexus suggests I know what I’m good at, but I’m starting to feel unsure of things, so I should start reviewing my goals. Well, I guess I’ll come back to this again in a few months’ time to see if everything holds true.
Will I take her suggestions on board? At this point, no, but I guess when things go to s**t, I might just pick up this article again and take up her recommendations.

An aura reading session is $48. The Aura Chakra Company is at #02-21 Siglap Centre. For more information, visit

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