Flirtatious, ripped, and charming – and best of all, he isn’t even aware of his magnetic pull. CLEO’s Sexiest Bachelor Benny Tan might find his win unexpected, but read on and you’ll find out why he’s deserving of this title.  

So, sexiest bachelor. How do you feel about that?
Very surprised! I never considered myself as sexy. People have always said I’m very animated, so to be crowned as CLEO’s sexiest bachlelor came as a bit of a surprise. Did you know that after the party, I received over 400 messages congratulating me?

Whoa, you must be a pretty popular guy huh?
Nah, I think I’m just a very inviting person. My eyebrows make me look really fierce, but I’m actually a really friendly person. (note from the CLEO team: we call this The Benny Effect. Everyone who meets him loves him, and couldn’t stop talking about him.

You’re pretty ripped. When did you start working out, and how often do you do it?
I started working out in poly, when I realised that I needed to be physically stronger to protect my mum and my younger sister. It’s like an instinct, you know? I don’t really go to the gym so much now, but I like to swim, run and do pull-ups. I do some canoeing and dragon boating too. 

Since you’re CLEO’s sexiest bachelor, can you tell us what’s the sexiest thing to do on a date?
Well for me it’s eye contact. I sometimes don’t realise it, but people have told me that my eye contact can get very intense. People usually get very shy and look away first. 

What about pick-up lines? Do you have any in the bank? 
I don’t pick up girls, they usually take the initiative to approach me first. But if I like someone, I’ll be very friendly towards her. I’ll make her feel very comfortable around me. 

What’s your biggest turn-on? 
Girls in pencil skirts. I often find myself staring at air stewardesses in the airport… 


Text: Sophie Hong