Empowerment was a popular term in 2019 and it looks like it’s not taking a back seat in 2020. There has been a lot of discussion around female empowerment, both on a community and political level, and it can sound a little bit daunting to some. So know this: you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to champion female empowerment or feel empowered—you can do that just by being you. Here are a few ways you can empower yourself (and other women!) in 2020.

1. Find issues that are close to your heart


One way to feel empowered is to find a cause that you strongly believe in. It doesn’t have to change the world. It could be supporting animals in need, volunteering at nursing homes or educating others on climate change. It’s better to start small than not to start at all.

2. Support women

When you’re at the bar, look out for women who might fall victim to harassment. When you see a group of men cat-calling a woman on the streets, bring her to safety. When you see your male colleague stealing credits for a female colleague’s work, don’t be afraid to stand up for her.

3. Support brands that champion women’s rights


In the same vein as the previous point, show your support to brands that support women. For many brands, female empowerment is a new “woke” topic to appeal to millennials and Gen Zs. For The Body Shop, it signifies going back to their roots as they’ve been championing this from Day One. Their founder Anita Roddick not only believes in using sustainably-sourced ingredients and accessories, but also ensures that the partners they work with provide fair and equal treatment to their female employees. For example, Asili Natural Oils, one of their Community Fair Trade suppliers that grows moringa, has been providing jobs to refugees from Burundi who fled to Rwanda due to political instability. The refugee camps in Rwanda host over 150,000 people, and Asili Natural Oils employ some of these refugees to allow them to have an income and improve their lives. Additionally, the paper from The Body Shop’s Community Trade gift bags and boxes is handcrafted by Get Paper Industries in Nepal, which employs more women than men and ensure they receive a fair and equal wage and benefits. The company also heads social projects to help underprivileged children attend school and raise awareness of human trafficking. For example, thanks to their ‘Send Our Daughters’ campaign, a Get Paper Industries employee managed to send her daughters to school and they recently completed their Post-Graduate Masters in Business Management!

4. Know your worth


In between getting mansplained (having something explained to you by a man in a condescending manner) and hepeated (when an idea is ignored when a woman suggested it, but acknowledged when a man repeats it), your self-worth can take a huge hit in the process. So know that your worth is not tied to your gender—it’s tied to your knowledge, skills, education, qualities, and a lot of other factors, but not your gender. Don’t allow others to doubt your capabilities just because you’re a woman.

5. Choose female-led brands

Female-led brands usually fight for female empowerment, and that’s one way you can indirectly help the cause and feel empowered. For example, The Body Shop, founded by Anita, decided to champion female empowerment by working not only with partners that ensure fair treatment of female employees, but also brands that are led by women. For example, their Community Trade Brazil nut oil is sustainably sourced from Candela, a non-profit organization that represents Castañero nut collectors—and their co-founder is a woman. Similarly, their Community Trade rose essence from their British Rose range is sourced from Castle Farm in England, which has a female farm director.

6. Be kind to yourself


It’s easy for us to gloss over our achievements in face of setbacks, but that’ll only discourage you. Acknowledge your failures, but instead of brooding over them, focus on what you have done right. Sure, you failed to secure a project, but at least your boss acknowledged your hard work, which means you might be in line for a promotion.

Find out more about The Body Shop’s Empowering Women Around The World campaign here.

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