Dr Mike is hot. But we bet you already knew that. But here’s something you might not know: the next time you ask for a selfie with him, spend some time chatting with him because he likes getting to know people.

His amiable personality shone during our Skype video-call. Despite the fact that the doctor, whose real name is DrMikhail Varshavski, just finished a 14-hour shift, he still looked smokin’ hot. But the doctor says that’s not the longest shift he had – he would be pulling a 30-hour duty a few days after our chat. We grilled the social media star, who just collaborated with dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, to raise funds for his new foundation.

How has life changed after your social media fame?
Everywhere I go now, people recognise me – at restaurants, in airports, nightclubs… People recognise me and come up and ask for pictures. What’s funny about the whole thing is, I like to meet new people. So when these people come up and say, “I want to take a photo or selfie”, I’m very open to taking the selfie, but I also want to get to know the person, so I start talking to them, but they just want to selfie. They’re so nervous, they just run away. I can’t believe it happens (laughs).

Do people approach you at the hospital as well?
Yeah… I would be in the cafeteria, and some doctor would say, “Hey, no one believes that you work with me. Can I take a photo?” I’m really easygoing so I never mind taking that extra photo with anybody.

Has there been any awkward encounters with your patients?
Not really. Everyone’s been really fun about it. You would think with the amount of attention I get on Instagram would translate into patient-work life, but it really doesn’t. People seem really professional; they really respect the fact that I’m a doctor. They like to bring in their kids who like to see a celebrity. And kids that are sick, you know, if I could do anything to cheer them up, I’d do it. So they would say, “Look, this doctor is on television,” and they would stop crying. I’d give them a sticker or something. It all makes for a better experience to go see me as a physician.

So it hasn’t affected your job negatively?
If anything, it helped my job because normally people who wouldn’t come to see a doctor are now coming to see me because of my social media fame and [they’ve] seen me on television and all that. So if I could get one person to make a preventive care visit just because I’m famous, I’d rather do that than not have them come to the office. So, if anything, I think it’s helping me be a better physician than I was before.

You’re a fitness buff; you’re fashionable and you love dogs… You seem perfect. Is there anything you can’t do?
I’m incredibly disorganised. You should see my car – it’s a total mess. My bedroom’s a mess. That’s what I’m looking for in a wife – to help me get organised (laughs). They say your significant other should always fix your flaws, so hopefully, that will happen to me.

So is being organised the most attractive trait you find in a lady?
I think the most important thing that I look for is someone being passionate and very flexible and easygoing – because that’s the kind of individual I am. And I think to make a relationship work, you really have to work through things together. There’s always gonna be problems, no matter how perfect the other individual is. So to have someone who’s really passionate – wants to work on their career, wants to work on their personal life and wants to grow – that’s the kind of person I’m attracted to.

On the flipside, what’s the biggest turnoff?
Girls who are very into themselves and not interested in learning about their partner. I don’t really mind it from an attention stance, where people say they don’t really want to know about me and this and that. That’s not where I’m coming from. What I see when people don’t ask me questions is they’re not finding out if I’m right for them. So it kinda shows a lack of intelligence because in order to find out if this person you’re actually out on a date with is actually compatible with you, you need to ask them some questions. If you’re just talking about yourself, that means you’re not interested in the person, and throughout the time you’re going to spend together, it’ll show. I think a person who’s married to themselves is a dangerous one to be with.

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Would you say you’re a romantic?
I’m definitely a romantic type of lover. I love planning romantic dates, making spontaneous romantic gestures, flowers because it’s a Tuesday… That’s the kind of guy I am.

What was the most romantic thing you’ve done for a girl?
One of my ex-girlfriends… On Valentine’s Day, I surprised her with a bouquet of 100 roses. We always liked to watch television in her house but she had a really small television, so I got her a really big screen TV. And she lived in Miami so I flew into Miami, surprising her. And I bought us rollerblades ’cause she always wanted to go rollerblading. For that weekend, we got to watch Netflix on a big-screen TV, we got to go rollerblading like she always wanted, and it was a really fun three days that we spent together. That was incredibly romantic.

How do you usually express interest in a girl?
It really depends on the type of girl. I look at what interests them and what they enjoy. I listen to what women like to say, so if they give a hint that something that they want or I see that they have some kind of interest in maybe Broadway shows, I’ll surprise them with Broadway tickets. Basically anything I know would make them smile – that’s the kind of gift I’m looking for.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Coffee Meets Bagel?
Originally when they approached me to barter myself off for a day for my new foundation, I thought it was crazy. What if I got a stalker or someone who’s mentally ill? It was scary. But then, the more I spoke with them, the more I thought it was a great idea for my foundation. Coffee Meets Bagel has a really good reputation. They’re a really great website and app. My foundation is aimed at helping people that are creative and passionate about what they do, and they have finances as barrier, so I think that this is the kind of project I would give money to. This is something creative, it’s outside of the box. I haven’t advertised anything on my Instagram and I have over a million followers. So the first thing that I wanted to advertise is something for my foundation that I can raise money for and do something positive for the world. I think this is a great opportunity where I can showcase their creativity but also do something great in the process.

What kind of girl are you hoping to meet at the date?
Honestly, I was thinking about that and what’s really exciting is that, imagine I meet my wife on this date. And then I could tell my grandchildren, “How did you meet grandma, grandpa?” “Well, there was an app named Coffee Meets Bagel, and I had a foundation, and she paid to go on a date with me.” (Laughs) So I was thinking what an incredible story that would be, so I’m really excited and hope to meet somebody I have a connection with.

Have you used dating apps before?
Before Coffee Meets Bagel, I have been on a few dating apps. But you know what I realised? Over the past year or year-and-a-half or so, I feel like Instagram has turned into its own dating app ‘cause people are now just meeting each other from Instagram. And how many people have I heard in the last few months, “Where did you meet your girlfriend?” “Oh, Instagram. I saw [that] he messaged my friend, I messaged him back.” So I think Instagram is becoming one of the most popular dating sites out there without intending to be. And not gonna lie, I’ve met a lot of people from Instagram, not only for dating but also networking purposes. So, that’s the dating site that I’m on right now (laughs).

Want to go on a date with Dr Mike? Coffee Meets Bagel is offering you a chance to win an all-expenses-paid date with him! The global contest runs in Singapore, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. All you have to do is download the app and “like” his profile. A winner will be selected at random to enjoy a romantic date with the “sexiest doctor alive”. Contest ends on 27 January, so hurry!

PS: The donation component is not applicable to entries from Singapore, due to legal requirements on conducting fundraising appeals for foreign charitable purposes here.

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