8 Things Only People Who Are Fasting This Ramadan Can Relate To


It’s the holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims are required to fast until Hari Raya comes around. But unless you’ve actually tried fasting – for Muslims, it entails abstinence from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk – you probably won’t understand what it’s really like. Here’s what we actually experience throughout the day.

Waking up at 4am to suhur is like

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Waking up again at 6.30am after a post-suhur power nap is like

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Thinking of breakfast at 10am is like

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Staying in the office while your colleagues go for lunch is like

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But also like

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Fighting off sleep at work is like

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Looking at the clock hit 6pm and knowing you’re an hour away from breaking fast is like

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Hearing the first sound of azan to signal it’s time to break fast is like

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Stuffing yourself with snacks post-dinner because you know you can’t eat it the next day is like

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And the cycle continues for a month until…

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