Radio Presenter and Producer Brian always manages to look cheerful and put together – the exact things we wish we could achieve, especially on Monday mornings. It’s no surprise then that he snagged the Freshest Face award during the Finals Party. We speak to the 27-year-old to find out his secret.

How do you always manage to look so well-groomed?
It’s part of my job to look presentable and neat because we do meet many clients and external parties on the job. I don’t take particular care of my face other than some basic grooming. I also make sure I’m clean-shaven because I think I look good without any hair on my face. I also trim my hair once a month, just to keep it neat. I think when a guy’s hair gets messy, it changes the whole look.

You’re always so cheerful when we see you, even when you’ve just ended work. What’s the trick to that?
It stems from my passion for my work. I really enjoy what I do and I think my work environment also plays a very big part in being supportive and in allowing me to do what I do best. There are many things I want to pursue and achieve in my work and that’s my motivation to do my best every day.

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What do you think is your best feature?
My smile, maybe. It’s the part of me that I feel the most comfortable with. Many people say when I smile, I give them a sunshine feel.

What about in girls? What do you usually first notice in a girl?
I like girls with nice smiles too.

What kind of traits do you look out for in a girl?
Confidence, independence and whether she can be understanding. I’d prefer it if she’s shorter than me and has a bubbly personality.

Text: Liu Kai Ying