Shaun Tupaz has always been able to make us laugh whenever we’re having a bad day, so who better to get tips from than this 28-year-old radio personality? We spent 10 minutes with Shaun to find out how to win hearts.

Are you always the centre of attention at parties?
I’m a wallpaper leh.

Wallflower, you mean?
Wallpaper flatter. Depends lah. If I want to and the people are cool, then I’ll start to make friends and be myself. But some people just can’t take comedy. They get very serious and I’m like, relax lah. I don’t take life so seriously.

Any tips for people who want to become the life of the party?
You must know the role you have to play because there can only be one life of the party. So if you see somebody else being the life of the party, then you have to play a supporting role and make sure he makes the party better for everyone else. Because if you want to be the life of the party, you’re not there for yourself – you’re there for everyone.

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What if he or she doesn’t want to play the supporting role?
Then it’ll just become a clash of egos and nobody wants to see that. Managing egos is very important. Even though every guy has an ego and would like to have his ego stroked in a very nice way, sometimes it’s about making other people feel good. When we do that, people feel happy and we are at our best when we see other people happy. You’ll always want to win and you’ll always go for gold and you’ll always try be the best you can, but sometimes you have to think about the greater good.

How do you always manage to come up with new jokes?
50 percent of it is research and sitting down to write, brainstorm and really putting in a lot of effort. The other 50 percent of it is on the fly, from everyday observations. Most of my comedy belongs to observational humour. I’ll say something like, I took a cab here and today my taxi driver was like talking, talking, and talking, and early in the morning he’s telling me about his whole life story, like how he used to be a CEO and how he likes to be a taxi driver because he’s the boss and nobody can tell him what to do, and I say, “Uncle, turn left.”

You always seem to be able to lift people’s moods. Do you ever have down days?
That’s the beauty of comedy, because every day is a down day. If you’re rich and your life is sorted and you don’t have to worry about anything, then you’ll wake up with a smile on your face. But for normal people like me, we wake up having to go to the grind and work. But comedy comes in when all these are at the foundation of your life. You wake up and you’re like, “I have so many things to do, and I can do it,” because, you know, life is just one big joke so go ahead and make your move.

Text: Liu Kai Ying