5 Simple Things To Do At Home This Year For Good Feng Shui


Can you feng shui your home for better luck? The short answer is, yes. According to Dato Joey Yap, founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, “Feng shui is about the relationship between us and the environment, and how the surroundings can encourage people to achieve success. By leveraging on the good energies in the environment, people can change for the better.”

While you can’t really choose where to sit in the office, you can control your home. He says, “Although Feng Shui is a layered subject that can get pretty complex, there are some simple techniques a beginner can use to adjust their homes to promote the movement of good energy, or what is known as Qi.”

Here are five methods he has suggested to improve your Qi at home, so you’ll have better luck.

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