If you have the habit of sleeping or taking a nap with your contact lenses on, you need to stop doing that right now.

One man from Cincinnati, Ohio, has damaged his cornea after sleeping with his contact lenses on. Chad Groeschen, 39, was reportedly nursing itchy eyes and a sinus infection when he fell asleep without removing his lenses. When he woke up, he experienced pain in his left eye and could hardly see out of it.

A trip to the ophthalmologist revealed that bacteria had gone under his lens and infected his eye when he was asleep.

Ophthalmologist Dr. William Faulkner told Local 12, “One of the unfortunate sequelae of contact lenses is infection, so people who wear these lenses overnight although they are FDA approved actually increase the risk of infection by 10 times.”

Before you sigh in relief because yours is a pair of extended wear contact lenses, we’ll have you know that Chad had similar ones on when he was asleep. “Extended wear” is not a safety seal against bacterial infection, especially if you choose to sleep in them.

Your safest bet? Daily disposables. But that doesn’t mean you should nap in them either.

Sleepy as you may be, always pop those lenses out before you hit the sack.

Images: belchonock / 123RF.com