30 Second Hack: How To Burn 100 Calories At Your Desk

CLEO 30 Seconds Burn 100 Calories Desk

Most of us know how it is to be an OL. We’re perpetually glued to our screen and chair, and (ashamedly) the only time we get up is to go for lunch or a bathroom break. Not all of us can afford the time or money to hit the gym every evening, and some of us just don’t get any exercise at all.

But even if you’re not looking to burn fat, you should at least tone your body and get your heart rate up from time to time. The best part is you can actually burn calories at your desk–and if you do some exercises every alternate hour, you’ll be torching quite a bit every day. Sounds like a plan? Check out the video below to see how you can easily bid adieu to (almost) 100 calories.

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