5 Other Exercises You Should Pair With Your Current Workout

Restricting yourself to just one type of workout can get boring real fast. Try these sports combos to double the efficiency and fun in your fitness regime.

  1. If you run, try CIRCUIT TRAINING
    As a form of body conditioning, circuit training yields a number of benefits for runners. For one, it decreases the chances of injury and helps you to run faster thanks to stronger muscles. The exercises involved in a typical circuit training session includes pull ups, squats, burpees and push-ups. Need further proof that this combo is good for you? When training for the 2008 Olympic Games, athlete Shalane Flanagan devoted a significant amount of her time to circuit training. The runner finished the games with a bronze medal to her name.
  2. If you do yoga, try ROCK CLIMBING
    Yoga and rock climbing share three distinct similarities: they both require you to stay focused, remain calm and be in tune with your body. But while yoga blissfully stretches you out, rock climbing seriously puts your core strength to the test. Whether you’re doing it indoors or outdoors, channeling Spiderman makes you work an amazing amount of muscle groups. Besides, you’ll also be working on your upper body, making it easier to pull off poses that requires you to hoist yourself up (i.e. crow pose).
  3. If you swim, try PILATES
    Again, Olympic swim coaches like Richard Quick are known to make their athletes do pilates for cross-training. It makes total sense; pilates builds your core strength, increases your stamina, and improves your flexibility – all of which are essential for swimming faster and longer. By doing this you’re also strengthening your muscles without bulking up, which allows you to move through water with less resistance.
  4. If you cycle, try KICKBOXING
    If you’re a long-distance cyclist, try boosting your pedal power with the footwork involved in kickboxing. The high-intensity workout builds on your torso and hamstrings, and you’ll definitely need considerable strength in those areas when cycling uphill. Since cycling mainly involves your quads and legs, kickboxing will balance it out by working on your upper body. It’ll also improve your endurance, which you’ll be thankful for at the 89th km out of the 160km at a cycling event.
  5. If you play tennis, try HOCKEY
    Be it ice hockey, field hockey or roller hockey, doing either variation will come in useful if you’re a tennis player. Both sports require the same lightning-quick reflexes, precise footwork, and quick bursts of energy from the player. Similarly, both tennis and hockey involve reacting to a small, fast-moving object. They say practice makes perfect, so if you’re looking to ascend to Serena Williams’ level without getting sick of the court… the answer lies in a puck.

Image: 123RF.com/Pedro Monteiro

Text: Sophie Hong

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