6 Underwear Rules You Should Live By

You’ve been living in undies since you could talk, but do you really know what to do with them to keep your nether region in optimal health? While we all have our preferences, the wrong underwear during the wrong times can cause serious problems. Here’s some things to keep you fresh like a daisy:

1) Cotton it on

Unless you’re looking to dazzle, stick to breathable fabrics as they’re less likely to irritate and cause yeast and bacterial infections. And if you have to put on a gorgeous pair made of lace, polyester or lycra, don’t keep them on too long, so get frisky faster.

2) Do without

Much as it’s a myth that sleeping in your undies is bad for you, it’s good to go commando where possible to just let your lady bits breathe.  If you must have them on, however, adhere to point 1. You really don’t need to look sexy when already snoring anyway.

3) No white on white

Matchy-matchy, but white underwear under white clothing is a nightmare. No matter how fair we are, the stark whiteness of our panty will pop and create a VPL. Go nude instead – the colour, that is.

4) Use the right laundry detergent

You pamper your face with the best products, so why not the same for “down there”? Invest in hypoallergenic cleaners for sensitive skin to wash your undies to minimise their exposure to chemicals, which can cause nasty allergic reactions.

5) Change them

Duh, we know, but let’s admit we can be pretty lazy sometimes. It’s easy to run errands after a hot yoga session without changing into a new pair. Bacteria and fungi thrive in warm and moist environments, so for the sake of your vaginal health, switch up.

6) Beware the thong

Thongs promote direct bacteria towards the vagina because of the way they’re shaped. Try not to wear them unless necessary, and never, ever, exercise in a thong.

Image: puhhha/123RF.com
Text: Adora Wong


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