6 Common Foods You Could Be Allergic To Without Knowing

An allergy is no trivial matter. You might brush the symptoms of hives and runny nose off as a common side-effects, but an allergy can lead to serious health complications, such as breathlessness or even death.

But the difficult thing about diagnosing an allergy is that the symptoms are often similar and hard to be distinguished. Hence, for a more accurate diagnosis, go for a prick test or blood test, so you can fully eliminate these things from your life.

According to Dr Chew Huck Chin, respiratory medicine specialist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, some of the common drugs that might cause an allergic reaction include penicillin, aspirin and ibuprofen. Symptoms, which include hives, swelling, fever, vomiting, itchy eyes, abdominal cramps and breathlessness, often occur within the hour of consuming the drug.

While drug allergies are easier to diagnose, simply because you don’t consume it daily and there’s little chance that its derivative is part of your food (like how peanut extract could be part of your meal without you knowing), food allergies are harder to pinpoint, especially if they’re commonly used in dishes. Here are six that you might not know you’re allergic to.

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