13 Gong Cha Drinks That Won’t Make You Guilty Indulging In

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Launch a new bubble tea brand in Singapore and it will likely drive us Singaporeans crazy. We love our bubble teas, but every sip reminds us of how much milk and sugar goes into it. (But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying our drink.)

The good news is, you can feel less guilty about drinking bubble tea now.

Gong Cha has launched 13 Healthier Choice Symbol-certified drinks, which make up one quarter of the menu. Consider them a better option than the other non-certified drinks.

Following the Health Promotion Board’s guidelines of up to 6g sugar per 100ml, these drinks have reduced sugar levels, and do not contain toppings. (Technically, they are no longer bubble tea since there are no “bubbles”.)

These include Earl Grey Milk Tea (50% sugar), Plum Green Tea (50% sugar), Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea (0% sugar), and Milk Foam Oolong (0% sugar).

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Unless you’re already having your drink with 0% sugar and no toppings, these newly-certified Gong Cha drinks are certainly the way to go if you can’t curb those tea cravings.

The Healthier Choice drinks will be available at all existing Gong Cha Singapore stores by February 2018.

Gong Cha Singapore is located at SingPost, Takashimaya and Northpoint City, NUS University Town and Westgate. There are plans for Gong Cha Singapore to open more stores by the end of 2018.

Images: Gong Cha
Text: Estelle Low / Shape Singapore / January 2018
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