How To Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Let’s talk about the V. Talking about your intimate area shouldn’t be embarrassing, especially when you’re discussing about your needs. We’re talking about care and hygiene.

Contrary to popular belief, washing the area with water is not enough. And cleaning it with body wash can be too harsh. This is when intimate washes come in. Lactacyd offers a range of intimate wash that’s suitable for every occasion or activity.

When you need a brighten-up

Got dull marks due to friction from tight clothings? Lactacyd White Intimate promises a natural and safe way of brightening.

When you’re having your period or are preggers

The pH level of your vagina can be unbalanced during this period, so go for Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene to eliminate bacteria and discomfort.

When the weather gets too humid

Yes, sweat and humidity can cause discomfort and promote the growth of bacteria. Lactacyd All-Day Fresh, which is specially formulated with extra herbal essence, offers long-lasting protection to keep the intimate area clean and fresh.

When you’ve played sports

Your whole body becomes sweaty after hours of sports and the area down under is not spared wither. Say goodbye to discomfort with Lactacyd Cool & Fresh, which gives the fresh-out-of-shower feeling.

When you just went for a grooming session

Lactacyd Soft & Silky is super-moisturising formula that contains 10 percent extra milk-based ingredients to calm your lady bits after the wax or IPL.

When you just wanna feel like a queen

Lactacyd Revitalize contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and collagen, so it promises you a luxurious experience right in the comfort of your bathroom.

Images: Maryna Pleshkun /, Sergey Nivens /, Lactacyd

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