How To Prevent Your Job From Killing You

Easy tips for the millennial worker.

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Do you spend most of your day sitting down? Unless your job requires you to be on the move a lot, you probably do and you’re not alone—a study by BMC Public Health found that 41 percent of Singapore’s workforce lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting for at least eight hours a day.

The thing is, studies have shown that such a lifestyle can lead to the following conditions:

    • Increased risk of death by any cause
    • Obesity
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Breast and colorectal cancer
    • Psychological distress
    • Increased waist circumference
    • Hypertension

Basically, it can lead to a whole host of nasty stuff, so how can you stop it from slowly killing you?

According to the National Physical Activity Guideline, engaging in at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities (MVPA) a week along with a balanced diet helps in keeping you healthy. It might seem daunting, but if you think about it, it really isn’t that long. Even if you take the weekend off, it works out to just about 30 minutes a day.

Here are some activities you can include in your day:

Being physically active has lots of benefits. You not only reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, but also burn calories, improve your overall blood sugar levels and even improve your mood.

And you don’t even have to set aside a 30-minute chunk of time to sweat it out. By breaking up your sedentary time (say, by taking a three- to five-minute walk for every hour you’re seated), you’ll dramatically decrease your odds of getting heart diseases and diabetes.

Looking to take your fitness game up a notch? Consider joining free workout classes by the Health Promotion Board, such as Sundays @ The Park and Sunrise In The City—check out the full list here!

So really, the trick to leading a healthier lifestyle is to keep it fun and doable. By making small, gradual changes to your daily routine, you’re setting yourself up for a healthier and fitter you! Check out the video below to learn more about why you should move ever so often.

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