Hot Dudes with Dogs has been leaving us thirsty AF for a while now, but the men are all pretty damn far away, so here’s some of our very own with equally good-looking pooches.

At least they know what laksa mai hum is, and who knows, they just might be next door.


1. @siew.t.w

Just, you know, an aesthetic doctor and President of Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD).


2. @joeeetan

Founder of BBounce Studio. Bringing a new definition to rebounding.

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Say hi to Poppy!

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3. @russong

Our handsome swimming champ. Now retired, but still.

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Bathing le doge

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4. @michaelczw

He bakes, girls. He bakes.


5. @zachxs

This one plays the guitar. And has some pretty sweet photos of himself.


6. @derricklee

Model boyfriend, pun intended.


7. @rrr_yyy

We always love the pensive types.


8. @nathanhartono

Aaaaand of course, the nation’s current golden boy. The one our mothers can’t stop talking about.

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Bonus: @junjielim

So over the hot dude with dog? Here’s a hot dude with an alpaca, because next level.

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Alpaca lotta love 💛 📷@charleslee__

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No thanks to the guy friends I asked references from, all of whom replied that they don’t own any dogs (except you Zi Jie, you’re a star).

Image: Nathan Hartono’s Instagram