People go to great lengths to help others and 30-year-old Jen Macapagal is no different. The founder of Race2Share tells us more about why she started this social enterprise, and the simple things in life that keep her going.

Race2Share is all about empowering people

“It’s a ground-up movement that uses sports to promote a more inclusive society. We aim to provide everyone with an equal playing field regardless of their background and currently try to empower foreign domestic workers through sports. We do so by training them and pushing them beyond their limits so that they may succeed in a race.”

She was inspired by her love for sports

“I started this group in 2015 as I’d reaped many benefits from being physically active. I felt that if I was able to break my personal sports records, others would be able to do the same if they just persist and push through. We also work with volunteers to hold fundraising campaigns so that we can cater to the needs of unrepresented groups in the region. We dedicate a lot of our efforts to raising awareness about certain social causes.”

It hasn’t always been an easy journey

“It’s hard to find people that will stay and support the organisation’s efforts. We had our own fair share of ‘birthing pains’ in the beginning, but over time, the challenges provided us with the opportunity to widen our network and work with people who really understood our vision. These people are the ones that helped us keep our operations going.”

Lots of things make her happy

“They include knowing that my family is happy, completing a triathlon, organising my things, spending time with my nephews and niece and the smell of a new book.”

She tries to do good in other ways 

“I became enthusiastic about taking photographs of people when I went to Nepal in 2012, I took photos of the villagers and was amused by the smiles they gave me. When I came back to Singapore, I wanted to share their story, so I pitched for a space at the Arts House to showcase the photos I took. I then sold them and sent the profits back to the village I visited.”

She loves travelling to Nepal

“Nepal is a pretty laidback country and you can’t help but be touched by the warmth and hospitality of the villagers. The simple lifestyle in the mountains is what makes it different from the rest of the places I’ve been to.”