Chinese New Year is over and we’ve all been a little refreshed from the short holiday. You’ve got your ang paos, you’ve had your rest — so for many, now is the perfect time to start looking at career options.

If you’re thinking of polishing up your resume, LinkedIn has just released their annual list of most overused buzzwords as seen on their profiles in Singapore. These 10 most common descriptors reflect trends in the job market but also show how much we might lack in creativity when trying to impress future employers.

This year, “specialised” came in at #2, reflecting a demand for niche skills (such as cybersecurity) while last year’s favourite word, “passionate” has thankfully dropped to to #4. Topping the list this year is “leadeship,” which while obviously a great skill to have, probably doesn’t make you very special if everyone else claims they have it too. The top ten Singapore buzzwords for 2017 are:

1. Leadership
2. Specialised
3. Strategic
4. Passionate
5. Experienced
6. Expert
7. Focused
8. Certified
9. Responsible
10. Excellent

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So the next time you spruce up your resume and cover letter – online or off – be sure to remember to keep it free of these words. “It’s important to stand out from the crowd, while not under or over-selling yourself,” said Roger Pua, Senior Director, Corporate Communications for Asia Pacific, LinkedIn, “It’s definitely worthwhile making sure your achievements and skills are current and credibly reflected in your LinkedIn profile. While these words may be an easier way to describe you, they may not be effective in bringing you to life as a professional – especially since everyone is using the same ones.”

Image: Pexels.com