Nowadays, you don’t have to work in a fancy production house to do a live stream. With YouTube live, Instagram live and Facebook live, you can show your friends (or followers, if you’re at a social media influencer level) what you’re up to instantly.

But LINE has upped the game by making this feature available in group chats. Think of it as Instagram live, but to a specific audience. This means, not everyone who has access to your account can see your stream, so this is great for those who value their privacy!

Want to live stream the beautiful mountain top view when you’re on holiday to your family and friends? Simply add them to a group chat, tap on “Chat Live”, and stream away! You can add up to 200 people in the group chat, which means you can even add your whole company if you wish to (assuming your company has fewer than 200 employees).

That’s not all – the videos come with filters and effects, in case you want to make your stream look snazzier.

Can’t think of an occasion to use the feature? Here are a few ideas!

PS: Be aware of your surroundings when live streaming! Don’t put yourself and others in danger in a bid to get a good video.

Images: LINE, Pexels