It’s that time of the year when your house will be bustling with people coming to visit. You’ll see the relatives you haven’t seen in one year and everyone will suddenly be amiable despite bad-mouthing one another for the past year. After all, it’s the season of forgiveness.

But while you’re in the spirit of forgiving, there are characters that you just can’t bring yourself to love.

1. The stinge
Hari Raya is a time for giving but unlike Christmas, no gifts are exchanged. Instead, the older generation would give the younger ones green packets (Malay equivalent of ang pow). While the amount of money put into the envelope is entirely up to you (it ranges from $2 to hundreds), some people would try to save on money by giving out empty envelopes. Some even put in newspaper cuttings instead. #truestory. In fact, this happens at Malay weddings too! Our advice: It’s better not to give anything than pull this stunt.

2. The one who doesn’t know your name
You’ve known your relatives all your life, but somehow, even after 25 years, they can’t get your name right. They’d call you by another name (usually by your sister’s name) and expect you to respond to it.

3. The camper
A lot of people come and go during Hari Raya, and some stay as short as a couple of minutes because they try to visit as many houses as they can during the day. But then there are those who simply refuse to leave. They would come in the morning and only leave when you hint that you’re going to bed.

4. The stinker
Granted, they’ve been out in the sun, going from one house to another, but we beg you, please invest in a deodorant. The sun is unforgiving, but that doesn’t mean you (or your body odour) have to be at its mercy. Think of the people around you. And, if your back is sweaty, please don’t lean on the sofa.

5. The temporary housemate
They scour for food in your fridge and even go into your room to snoop around. They have no sense of boundaries and treat your house as their own even without you telling them to. And, most of the time, you’re not even that close to them.

6. The nitpicker
They see the need to comment on every single thing, from your new TV (“Wow! You must be rich!”) to your pineapple tarts (“This taste a bit too buttery”). They’re like keyboard warriors, but they don’t even hide behind the screen.

7. The stranger
They are literally strangers. You’ve never seen them in your life, but they turn up at your doorstep. The Malay culture encourages one to not turn anyone away when they come for Hari Raya visiting, so usually, you have to endure a painful 10 minutes. The ones who come are usually kids who hope to get a green packet.

8. The food shopper
They think of your house as a food court. When they ate something nice, they ask if they can bring some home. They’ll even ask for more kuehs to bring back home after finishing the whole bottle that was one the table.

9. The selfie addict
This is a relatively new phenomenon, but these people take selfies in every single house and every single corner of your house. They’ll try to find a reflective surface (usually the glass cupboard) to check on their hair and makeup before taking a photo. A few thick-skinned ones might ask to use the mirror in your room.

10. The kaypoh-ter
They act like reporters because they bombard you with personal questions (their fave being, “When are you getting married?), but they’re just busybodies. And when you tell them you’re single, they start launching into their own logic of why you don’t have a boyfriend.

Images: SPH – Berita Harian