If you thought K-pop is less provocative than Western music, think again.

Apart from the sexy dance moves, including hip thrusts and booty shaking, Korean pop has its share of sexually suggestive songs. Here are 12 tracks with strong innuendos that you could have been singing along to without knowing their true meaning.

Brown Eyed Girls’ “Warm Hole”

Fire in the hole
When u touch me down there
I’m not feeling very well
So hot in down there
Fire in the hole
When you come in right there
I’m not feeling very well
So love me right here

Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”

Please give me that sweet taste, ice cream cake
With a flavor that fits this special day
The ice cream that’s on my mouth
Makes your heart pound and you’ll come to me
It’s so tasty come and chase me
I can’t hold it in
I scream, you scream
Gimme that, gimme that ice cream

Rania’s “Dr Feel Good”

Dr, Dr, feel good
Come make me feel real good

Nine Muses’ “Gun”

If you just fumble around with your clothes, the day will be over
If you just hesitate awkwardly, the day will be over

Sunmi’s “24 Hours”

When our hands touch, electricity spreads all over my body
I close my eyes, what do I do?
(Going crazy, going crazy)
The more I drink, the thirstier I get
The more I taste, the more my body seeks

Taeyang’s “Take It Slow”

Baby take it slow (oh), no, we can take it slow
You’re yelling because of my lips and the way I move, ooo

Jay Park’s “Turn Off Your Phone”

Baby oh girl it feels so good 
Wrap your slender legs around my waist, don’t ever let go
I’m so into you, I don’t wanna stop, keep going girl
I’m yours and you’re mine – trust your body to me girl
I’ll satisfy your every fantasy right here

miss A’s “Hush”

I hear the breathing, yeah
My body is melting down, yeah
I can’t take it, yeah
I can’t hold it in, yeah

2PM’s “All Night Long”

Now, relax as I hold you in my arms
Close your eyes, and count
One, two, three, four
as you count to 10
I’ll take you to my room

EXO’s “My Lady”

Show me a bit more of yourself (don’t lie)
To be honest (it’s gonna be easy)
This harmony that I haven’t even felt once
Don’t be too late

Big Bang’s “Bae Bae”

Like rice cakes*, like rice cakes
Our chemistry, our chemistry
Like rice cakes, like rice cakes
Our chemistry, our chemistry

*In Korea, ”making rice cake” is a slang for sexual intercourse.

VIXX’s “Secret Night”

Hotly rock n’ roll on this night when everyone is sleeping
Beautiful my lady, I will do a secret dance with you and fall asleep

Images: YouTube