A flaky person is one of the worst characters you could ever meet in your life. And if you have the misfortune of dating one, here are the reasons why you need to do yourself a favour and cut him loose, pronto.

1. He’ll mess up your plans
You’re all dressed up and ready to paint the town red. He calls you at the last-minute and says he can’t make it. So, what do you do now?

2. He’ll leave you hanging
The worst stunt that a flaky person can pull is to not answer your calls when you need to speak to him. What’s more, WhatsApp now has read receipts, so what excuse does he have for not replying for hours? This dude is playing mind games, and you don’t need this.

3. He makes you feel unimportant
A movie with you? That can wait. A football game showing on TV? Of course that’s more important. Oh, did he forget to inform you about the change of plans in advance? Oops.

4. He’ll drain you
He’ll have you thinking whether you got the time wrong, or if you said something that offended him which might be why he’s not showing up. And then you’ll start doubting yourself. Maybe you’re reading too much into things; maybe you had imagined him asking you out. Spare yourself the trouble. Girl, grow some balls.

Images: TPG/Click Photos