So you’ve read all about how to up your dirty talk game. But what about the things you should never, ever say to your man during sex?

1. “Is it in yet?

If his manhood hasn’t withered, it will after he hears this.

2. “Forget about the condom”

Unless you’re both trying to have a baby or are using some other form of birth control, this sounds irresponsible. Also, YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO WALK AWAY IF A GUY REFUSES TO WEAR ONE. We cannot stress this enough. “But I can’t feel as much with a condom on” is NOT an excuse.

3. “Are you finished?”

Have you got somewhere else to go?

4. “Is that all?”

You might as well straight-up tell him that he’s bad in bed. ):

5. “Do you mind if I check my phone real quick?”

When that work email (or Pokemon Go) eclipses sex, something’s wrong.


Text: Sasha Gonzales, Her World / October 2016

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