We get our information about sex everywhere – TV, magazines, friends, parents… The list goes on. While some are useful, some are just really, really bad. Like the penis-feet size correlation theory. But these eight sex myths just have to stop because they simply make women feel bad.

If you’re not wet, you’re not turned on and it’s your fault.
There are multiple physical and physiological reasons for not getting wet, and none of them require a woman having to feel bad about it.

Blow jobs are necessities. 
Blow jobs are about as compulsory as sex is. You never have to give a blow job if you don’t want to, the same way you never have to have sex with someone if you don’t want to. You don’t have to cave when he guilt-trips you because you’re on your period or even when he’s pushing your head down to subtly signal that he wants one. Actually, it’s especially not necessary when he’s pushing your head down to not-so-subtly signal it.

Hair below the waist is gross. 
Unless he’s a pedophile, a little bit of hair in the land down under is not the end of the world.

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If you don’t give him the sex he needs, he’ll just get it elsewhere. 
No. Just no. Men are not dogs; they are capable of self-control, affection and understanding. If he’s going to cheat because you’re just not in the mood, then you might as well just let him cheat and find someone who treats you better, honey.

Your sex life is defined by how many sex positions you try. 
Missionary is good and easy, and lots of couples prefer just one position. Interesting, limb bending sex might be fun, but when flexibility and other muscles come into play, it can get more dangerous than satisfying. #justsaying

Queefing is your vag farting. 
When air gets pushed into a confined space, you’re going to have to push it out. That’s basically what queefing is. Laugh about it, blame him for it, but don’t feel embarrassed about it.

The longer sex lasts, the better. 
Quickies can be just as satisfying and without the chance of chafing!

Women don’t masturbate.
Somehow, somewhere, someone decided that women don’t masturbate and the ones who have vibrators in their underwear drawers are dirty, dirty hoes. The truth is everyone does it. It feels good, it’s relaxing, it helps with a headache, and lulls you to sleep faster. Some people (male or female) masturbate more than once a day, some people masturbate every few days, and some people never masturbate — all completely healthy and normal.

Image: Piotr Marcinski / 123RF.com
Text: Lina Esa