The Aquaman movie, if we may be honest, was a bit of a bore, but Jason Momoa was so hot, it got us sweating. You obviously can’t have him (he’s married with kids!), but here’s the closest thing you could possibly get to Aquaman: AquaMoan (that’s lame, we’re sorry, but we’re not kidding).

AquaMoan is one of the latest sex toys released by Geeky Sex Toys (the same folks who stocks Star Wars-themed sex toys).

The website writes, “AquaMoan will exceed your wildest expectations with its high quality platinum silicone, scaly texture and the perfect curves!” In terms of colours, it follows Aquaman’s colour palette of gold and jade green for that touch of luxe.

The dildo comes with a suction cup at the base, which the website claims is strong enough for you to use underwater (in case you wanna use it in the bathtub). We advise against using it in public swimming pools because 1) you’ll be arrested under Section 27A of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, 2) there are kids around, have you no shame, and 3) no one knows what bacteria or virus is in the water.

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Scroll through the gallery to see AquaMoan from different angles (so you know what you’re paying for).

The company is producing only 500 units of these, so be quick if you want to “let the King of the Seven Seas swim into the deepest darkest depths of your downstairs today!” Their words, not ours.

AquaMoan retails for AUD85 ($82.38), excluding AUD15 ($14.54) in shipping fees. FYI, each sex toy also comes with a certificate of authenticity, in case you like collecting certs.

aquaman dildo sex toy aquamoan

Images: Geeky Sex Toys