It’s no secret that adolescent boys are prone to having wet dreams or spontaneous orgasms during sleep. But people of both genders and all ages experience them too, and if you could do with some extra pleasure, you just might be able to make sleep orgasms happen.

“A study from Hong Kong University suggested that sleeping on the tummy may help to induce sleep orgasms,” says Dr Christopher Chong, an obstetrician, gynaecologist and urogynaecologist at Gleneagles Hopsital.

He however warns that it’s simply a suggestion.

“There are too many factors that can come into play and it’s difficult to prove [that it will work].”

And not that anyone would complain, but just why do sleep orgasms occur?

“The hypothesis is that it is the work of an active brain. Sleep orgasms usually take place during the REM stage of the sleep cycle, when blood flow and neurogenic activities increase and when the focus is at the genitals. They are a normal occurrence of one’s life cycle but are different in frequency and intensity in different people. They can also be affected by our life experiences.”

But this doesn’t mean that you definitely can climax even when you’re asleep, because less than half of all adult women do.

“Kinsey Institute found that 37 percent of females will experience a sleep orgasm by the age of 45. And that generally, sleep orgasms become less frequent with age, especially after menopause,” says Dr Chong. He adds that sleep orgasms are not well studied or understood, and that there is no fixed set of criteria to “diagnose” it.

“Just like how people have different thresholds of pain or pleasure, not everyone will know it even if they have sleep orgasms.”