One look at the CLEO Bachelors and you’d think, “Wah, these guys can definitely protect me.” And that was exactly what they did last weekend when they went on a date with the CLEO Bachelors Insiders.

CLEO Bachelors Glenn, Hadi, Kelvin and Kenny went on a quadruple date with Candy, Gina, Rayna and Roxanne. It wasn’t just any date – it involved hunting zombies. Before you freak out, they weren’t fighting off real undead hordes, but virtual ones at VR gaming arcade Zero Latency at Suntec City. We couldn’t see what they were seeing through those VR headsets, but it was clear they were having loads of fun. Check out the gallery below for the highlights!

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After the games, the group headed down to Gudetama Cafe for a lunch session. After taking their seats, as if on cue, the Bachelors started pouring iced water for the girls. How gentlemanly! Scroll through the gallery to see what they thought of the date.

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