A first date usually involves a meal or some sort of activity, and we decided to include both in a group date between our CLEO Bachelors and CLEO Bachelor Insiders just so all of them could have, well, the full experience. The venue of choice? Holey Moley, Singapore’s first mini-golf club and bar, so everyone paired up and got ball-sy real quick. Read on to find out how their experience went.

Kayden took things up a notch by playing with a golf club meant for kids—the shorter stick meant that it was wayyy harder for him to tee off.
Janan had the best score out of everyone, so it’s safe to say that he’s not only an eligible bachelor, but also a decent mini-golfer.
Jonathan knew just what to wear to a mini-golf club and bar—his outfit was equal parts casual and chic and casual.
Kai struggled with the most difficult station for a bit but eventually completed it. Yes, you can call him determined.
After everyone completed the course, they were treated to a metre-long pizza (which the club is known for, btw) and some yummy sides.
The group had so much fun together that they snapped a wefie to commemorate the date.

Suffice it to say, we reckon the group date was a success. But did they feel the same way? Scroll the gallery to check out what they thought of the entire experience.

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