I first met Morgan on Tinder about half a year ago. As most conversations and dreams do, ours died off at some point.

We reconnected for a work thing recently, and when CLEO Associate Editor, Karen asked me to go on a dinner date on assignment, I asked if he wanted to help me with another work thing.

The date

Dinner was at Crackerjack, a cosy, chic restaurant in Tanjong Pagar by the people behind 28 HongKong Street and Proof & Company Spirits.

The moment we met, we knew we could just be ourselves, which meant throwing our Ps and Qs out of the window and lots of trash talking.

That’s not to say Morgan wasn’t a gentleman. He offered to switch drinks with me when he thought I was making a face at mine (I wasn’t), and took it upon himself to get the staff’s attention whenever I needed something.

Basically, he was an absolute sweetheart of a date. Except when he tried embarrassing me. But nevermind that part, I do like a wicked sense of mischief.

Karen had instructed that we take a picture together, and I asked that he remind me. Our banter lasted three hours, which was rather surprising.

We talked about many things, even religion. Yup, we went there.

At the end of the night, Morgan offered to drive me home. We were near my place, which is at the end of the island, when we realised that we hadn’t taken the photo.

“Shall I turn around? We can go back,” he said. I told him it was too far away.

“No, very fast one,” he insisted.

I decided we could just get off somewhere for the shot. And get off somewhere we did – by a lamppost, because it was the brightest spot in the area.

20170221_225843 (1)

Did I have a nice time with Morgan? I sure did.

Should we have met earlier? Well, better now than never.


Morgan says…

“The date, food and place were really similar in their own ways. In a nutshell, all three were intimidating at the start, seemingly complicated in their structure, but actually refreshingly simple and satisfying.

As the night went on, Crackerjack grew on me, and I started to appreciate the interior design a little more. As someone who is in the industry, I could tell that every piece of furniture and element of design was carefully thought of.

But the greatest surprise would be Adora. She was intimidating at the start, complicated in her entirety, but also as simple and real as anyone can get.

Don’t kick my dog (note: joke). What about a drink on Friday?”


The venue

The people at Crackerjack were really warm. We particularly enjoyed it whenever resident bartender Brendon stopped by for a short chat.

Here are some of the dishes and drinks we tried, all of which we loved and that made the date extra cool.