Perfumes are very personal things. That’s why they’re so subjective — just look at the reactions you get at the mention of durian.

But the idea of making a perfume for your S.O can sound pretty romantic. And now companies like Oo La Lab offer up the opportunity to sit down together and create a unique scents for each other.

Only it’s not really that easy. The process is clear enough, you go through a range of base notes, middle and top notes and see which catch your fancy. There is a trialing period involving dripping different amounts of those scents into a small tube to test, and finally when you’re happy with it, you create the final product which is then sealed and packaged into a bottle. Here’s what we thought of the whole experience:

Karen says:

It sounded simple enough, but it was really difficult to guess what my husband was going to like. We’ve been together three years now and apparently, I have no idea how he likes to smell. Interestingly, we both picked the same variations of scents but just used different amounts of them with very different results.

So, turns out he’s not a fan of mine, and I’m not a fan of his. But I LOVE the one I made for him and now I wear it all the time. I guess I should just stick with making things for myself.

Sophie says:

It was surprisingly stressful! I guess it’s because we don’t know each other well and we didn’t want to create a scent that the other person wouldn’t use, you know? That said, it did felt like a very good getting-to-know-you type of activity – we asked each other a lot of personal questions in order to suss out our likes and dislikes, and knowing which scents a person likes can actually reveal a lot about their personality.

Badd’s first few attempts were horrendous. The first three concoctions smelt like toothpaste. But over all it was still a super fun activity, but maybe that’s because we can get along well. I can’t imagine doing this on a first date, or with someone I can’t seem to click with. That would be so awkward!