While there’s never a bad time to get busy, and we’re all individuals with our own tastes, it still turns out that certain days and times are more popular for having sex.

The top time most couples have sex is 10.24pm on a Saturday night, according to a new survey by the UK dating site IllicitEncounters.com.

Perhaps it’s not that surprising. Craig David may sing about making love on Wednesday, but he’s a pop star with flunkies. The rest of us have work, life and social media to handle, all by ourselves. So who has time on Monday night?

And we can’t say Saturday night is due to hormones either, because medical experts say the best time to have sex  with a partner is 3pm. This is when women feel most alert and energetic (it’s due to increased levels of the hormone cortisol). Men may have higher levels of the hormone testosterone in the morning, but by mid-afternoon their levels of the hormone estrogen peak, which has the benefit of making them more emotionally present during sex.

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So Saturday night sex sessions are probably more to do with time and proximity – you possibly don’t have to get up for work the next day. And you’ve maybe had time to go on a hot date together.

Maybe this is why most respondents also said they felt “most aroused” at 5.35pm on Saturdays. So they either enjoyed spinning out the temptation for five more hours – or they just gritted their teeth and waited.

Here are the findings.

Saturday: 42%
Sunday: 26%
Friday: 22%
Wednesday: 4%
Thursday: 3%
Tuesday: 2%
Monday: 1%

Image: piksel / 123RF.com
Text: Tara Barker