Your man is so wrong for you. You probably know it – or have known it for the last two years. Yet, you’re still with him. If this situation sounds too similar to yours, you might be making excuses just to keep the relationship.

At least I’m not alone
We know it’s a scary world out there but that shouldn’t be the reason for you to hold on if your relationship is heading south. Flying solo is not half as bad as staying with a man you don’t see a future with. You can always count on family and friends for support come whatever may. Nothing is lonelier than being stuck in a relationship that’s going nowhere.
I don’t want to hurt anybody
Let’s face it, nobody likes confrontation as you know what comes next; the dreadful part about where it all went wrong. Both sides will get hurt; however, once you get it over with you’ll feel so much better. Plus, if you really did care about someone, wouldn’t it be better to end it quickly than drag them along in what will probably end as a very hurtful and traumatic experience?

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He’ll change one day
You did the waiting and he’s not the same guy you fell in love with anymore. Why bother staying when he shows no signs or interest to rekindle your love life? You deserve someone better, someone who is willing to make you happy. Also, we hate to break it to you, but guys (almost) never change. Through our experience, the only reason a guy will change his ways is if he thinks you’re the one. Otherwise, don’t expect a tiger to change his stripes.

He’s a good guy
A good guy is a total keeper. The question is “Do you love him?” and if you find yourself responding with “He’s a good guy”, you’re only staying out of his pure nature, not love. Just because he’s nice doesn’t mean you owe him your happiness. The foundation of commitment between two people is love for one another and if that is missing, your heart won’t be able to carry on in the long run.

Image: Anna Bizoń /
Text: Ashley Ahn
Additional text: Hidayah Idris