Essentially, first dates are a lot like job interviews. You share a large amount of personal information with a complete stranger. Furthermore, everything you do is under constant strict surveillance. One wrong move and you create a bad impression that might stick for life.

So to save you the embarrassment, here are five first date sins that can – and should – be avoided.

  1. Slippers
    Are you going to the beach? No? Then don’t wear slippers! It gives the impression that you are sloppy and that you didn’t care enough about the date to even slip on a pair of shoes.
  2. Not offering to split the bill
    If the guy offers to pay the bill, the least you could do is offer to split it. If he insists, then let him please his male ego. The key point here is that you must offer! Otherwise, it gives him the impression that you were expecting him to pay and that you are going to continue to expect him to pay for the rest of your life.
  3. Going crazy with the make up
    Of course you would want to impress him but don’t go trigger-happy when you’re applying makeup. If you can’t put makeup on without help, this is definitely not the right time to try and be independent! There’s a high chance you might end up putting on too much makeup, panic, try to salvage it by applying more makeup – and end up looking like the Joker.
  4. Talking too much about yourself
    The questions about you will come. He will ask about your dreams, aspirations and childhood. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t answer them. Just be aware of how long you have been talking about your dead dog. Share the love and allow him to talk about himself too! I promise you if you talk the whole night, he is going to get bored and the chances of a second date are mighty slim.
  5. Talking about your ex
    If you even mention your ex, he’ll instantly think that you are not over him. And there’s a high chance he is right about that. So don’t mention him at all. Don’t ask about his ex. No one should be talking about his or her exes! The date should be focused on a possible love story between the two of you, not about relationships of the past!

So there you go! Avoid these 5 sins at all cost! Remember, first impressions last a lifetime!

Images: Luca Bertolli /
Text: Perry Shen