We often hear people telling those who are single to “enjoy being single”. But what does this cliché advice mean? How do you truly enjoy and embrace your singledom, when what you want is to be in a relationship? Rishma Petraglia, matchmaker and love coach at The Heart Whispers, breaks it down for us.

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The first step to enjoy being single is to check your beliefs about what it means to be single. If you’re thinking: “I won’t be happy unless I’m in a relationship”; or “I’m looking for someone to complete me”, then it really doesn’t matter what advice I give you. When you have negative beliefs about your single status, you won’t enjoy being single no matter what you do.

Changing your attitude about not being in a relationship is the first step to enjoying it. And how do you change that attitude? Meet other single people – those who are older, or those who are your age within your own social circle – who have fulfilling lives and are happy not being in a relationship.

If that’s difficult, find celebs or social media stars who are loving the single life and follow them on Instagram. The more evidence you can build in your mind that being single can be a wonderful and meaningful time in your life, the more you will believe that it is possible.


Here’s another thing about being single: it’s so important to do activities that you love every single day. Join a dance class, learn another language, volunteer at animal shelter, or travel more. It seems cliché, but doing things that you love will bring you happiness and fulfillment – and that will show you that you don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to have that. Which brings me to my last point: before somebody can genuinely like you as a person, it’s important that you like who you are.


And in all honestly, if you can’t enjoy your own company, then why on earth would you expect somebody else to enjoy hanging out with you? How we feel when we’re by ourselves is a good reflection of how others will feel around us.