Love isn’t easy, and sometimes life makes it more complex by introducing a character who decides to ask you out. He can be a stranger or friend, depending on where you stand on the “I’m-screwed-o-meter”. What’s wrong with someone expressing interest in dating you? Well, in a typical love story, the guy would come with flowers, take you out to dinner, sweep you off your feet and you get married a few years later and live happily ever after.

But what if you don’t want that love story to happen? How do you say no?

1. Friend-zone him
It’s pretty easy to read the signs (here’s a guide if you’re clueless) so if you feel as though the guy is coming on to you, friend-zone him. Of course, you can’t just do this in your mind. Make it clear to him that he’s nothing more than a friend.

2. Tell him that you’re interested in another person
Even if you were not interested in anyone, it doesn’t hurt to lie that you have a boyfriend if your pursuer is a stranger. Most guys back off the moment they hear that you’re taken. If he is still relentless, it just goes to show he’s a douche (for wanting to steal someone’s girl) and that you should keep a distance from him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if he’s a good friend ‘cos your lie will come back to haunt you.

3. Put him in his place
If he keeps bugging you and making you feel uncomfortable, let him know that if he doesn’t stop bothering you, you won’t even consider being his friend.

4. Avoid him
Some of them don’t get the hint, while others are just dense. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation whenever he’s around, start avoiding him. This may seem harsh, but sometimes, the occasion calls for hostile treatment.

5. Just say no
Not interested? Just tell him. Most guys will get it and leave you alone. Some might even offer friendship instead. Don’t waste the guy’s time by stringing him along and  pretending that you’re interested when he doesn’t stand a chance.

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